Aiza Hakik

About Me

I am a Designer / Artist who has always been drawn to the depths of my creative expression.
I believe that an understanding of our human complexities, sensitivities to environment and distinctive characteristics will inevitably allow for the creation of meaningful design. More importantly, inquisition into an human centered design approach. Where mere solutions do not exist, rather undergo boundless cycles of evolution - for, we are only human.
My unfaltering quest to learn about us wild, inspiring and weirdly wonderful creatures helps me to gain various levels of perspectives. More so, an innate desire for compassion and change. I believe we do our best when we share knowledge, quieten our ego and strive toward a common good - collectively.
My experience in motherhood, travel, meditation and yoga ground and nurture me and I love to delve into the study of philosophy, science, ethics and spirituality. 

"Is it not the case that art, whether it gives an account of things as they exist or depends essentially on the play of imagination, has, as its ultimate function, to save us from disaster by creating, alongside the everyday world, another realm, fashioned accordingly to the requirements of the human spirit and in keeping with an inner order which, by its very nature, is in sharp contrast to the unbelievable muddle of the reality around us? This being so, the artist, once we admit that his [or her] activity goes beyond mere entertainment, could be said to find his raison d'être in the very existence of the chaos in which we flounder."
Michel Leiris, Francis Bacon